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There are over 100 schools and colleges across the Borough of Stockport alone. If every school raised just £500 for Independent Options, that would mean a massive £50,000 towards supporting people with learning disabilities!

Why not come to school in fancy dress, or non-uniform, and ask every pupil to bring in £1? You could even hold a talent contest and sell tickets to family and friends.

The number of ways you can fundraise for Independent Options at your school or college are limited only by your imagination, and our fundraising team will be here to support you every step of the way.

If you are thinking of fundraising for Independent Options at your school or college, our Fundraising Manager, Lucy, is more than happy to come and talk at your assembly about the work we do to get you started!

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Isla's Story

Isla is three and a half years old and has been coming to the Children and Family Centre for around two years with her family.

At first Isla had no diagnosis, but it was clear to her parents that something was different from an early age as she had a short attention span and would have regular crises if other children came near her. Her speech was also delayed and she didn’t speak or make any verbal noises until the age of three.

By coming to The Centre, play around other children was normalised for Isla as she began to get used to other children being around and she loves coming to The Centre now. She enjoys the freedom to play in the garden or inside with the toys and crafts. Isla responds well to the staff and volunteers at The Centre and is confident to ask for help.

“Isla has speech and language delay but one of the first words Isla spoke was when she shouted “Messy Play!”, so we knew then how vital it was for her to come here.”

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