Leave A Legacy

As a registered charity we rely heavily on support from the community, and generous individuals such as yourself, in order to continue to provide the high level of service we believe our beneficiaries deserve.

It is because of this belief that we are inviting you, once you have looked after those you care about most, to consider leaving a gift to Independent Options North West in your will, and to leave your legacy in the lives of others.

Creating a will is an incredibly simple process that a solicitor will be able to give you advice and guidance on.

Leave your legacy in the lives of others

Why is it important to have a will?

Making a Will

Your Will is crucial to the future of people you love and the causes you care about. A Will is a legal document that your chosen Executors are instructed to follow—it is the only way to ensure that all your wishes are followed, no matter your age or your circumstances.

Review Your Will

It is important to check your Will regularly to ensure it still reflects your wishes, circumstances, and the causes that are close to your heart.

Changing Your Will

You should consider changing your will if you:

  • Get married
  • Get divorced
  • Move house
  • Suffer the death of a beneficiary to your estate
  • If there is an addition to the family

You can amend your Will quickly and easily by adding what is called a Codicil. A Codicil amends your Will rather than replacing it and is very straightforward to complete.

Your solicitor will be able to help and advise you on all of the options above. Leaving a gift in your Will is an incredibly simple procedure that could make a difference to the lives and futures of so many people.

Types of gifts you can leave to Independent Options North West

Leaving a legacy to Independent Options will ensure that people with a learning disability can achieve their goals and aspirations, and live the life they choose. Your gift, whatever its value, is precious to us, and will make a difference.

Residuary Legacy

A percentage of the value of your estate once all other payments have been made and your loved ones have been taken care of.

Pecuniary Legacy

This is a fixed sum of money—you may prefer this option if you have loved ones who you want to receive the majority of your estate.

Specific Legacy

Items such as property, paintings, jewellery, etc.

In Memoriam

You can use your will to state wishes for your funeral. E.g. you may like to ask family and friends to make a donation to Independent Options in lieu of flowers. This can be a positive way for loved ones to commemorate your life by supporting a cause that was close to you in life.

If you would like more information about any of the information mentioned here or to request a wills and legacies information pack, please do not hesitate to contact our Fundraising and Marketing Manager, Lucy.

Isla's Story

Isla is three and a half years old and has been coming to the Children and Family Centre for around two years with her family.

At first Isla had no diagnosis, but it was clear to her parents that something was different from an early age as she had a short attention span and would have regular crises if other children came near her. Her speech was also delayed and she didn’t speak or make any verbal noises until the age of three.

By coming to The Centre, play around other children was normalised for Isla as she began to get used to other children being around and she loves coming to The Centre now. She enjoys the freedom to play in the garden or inside with the toys and crafts. Isla responds well to the staff and volunteers at The Centre and is confident to ask for help.

“Isla has speech and language delay but one of the first words Isla spoke was when she shouted “Messy Play!”, so we knew then how vital it was for her to come here.”

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