Children and Family Centre

The Children and Family Centre provides inclusive play opportunities in a safe and welcoming environment for children with learning disabilities and additional needs. Through its wide range of groups, play sessions and SEN training courses, children can learn and play while parents can access a wide range of information and support. We tailor both the support and the groups to the children’s individual needs and ensure that numbers of those attending the groups are kept low to ensure each child gets the attention they deserve. The groups are all family based, with parents and carers joining their children for sessions.

Our Space

Along with the indoor space which features plenty of toys, games and crafts as well as lots of sensory equipment, The Centre also has a large garden. The outdoor space is fully secure, and there are lots of outdoor toys, games, and play equipment available.

Reverse inclusion

The Children and Family Centre is unique to the Stockport area with its strong ethos of reverse inclusion. This means that we welcome all children, including siblings and friends, to The Centre when it is appropriate, but those with additional needs and disabilities take priority

Groups and Activities

After School Club

There’s always lots to do at our After School Clubs, with a mix of games, toys and crafts, and the outdoor play area with plenty of bikes and play equipment to be discovered.

Weekend Boredom Busters

Our Saturday groups are a mix of fun play times with bikes, games, and outdoor toys, as well as arts, crafts, and sensory activities.

Sing and Sign (0 to 4 years)

Encourage your child to communicate through sign language and encourage speech development by signing and singing along to some of our favourite songs.

Parents Coffee Mornings

A chance to relax and meet other parents, share experiences, problems and ideas. Become a part of a support network of local parents and carers. Local professionals attend regularly to offer help and advice.

Sensory and Messy Play (0 to 4 years)

This group is all about exploring our senses with sensory toys to explore, as well as messy play with a variety of crafts, water play, and much more available.

School Holiday Clubs (various times and days)

Throughout the school holidays we make sure there are lots of fun and exciting activities taking place for you and your child. We have timetables available for more information, so please get in touch if you are interested in our holiday clubs.

Isla's Story

Isla is three and a half years old and has been coming to the Children and Family Centre for around two years with her family.

At first Isla had no diagnosis, but it was clear to her parents that something was different from an early age as she had a short attention span and would have regular crises if other children came near her. Her speech was also delayed and she didn’t speak or make any verbal noises until the age of three.

By coming to The Centre, play around other children was normalised for Isla as she began to get used to other children being around and she loves coming to The Centre now. She enjoys the freedom to play in the garden or inside with the toys and crafts. Isla responds well to the staff and volunteers at The Centre and is confident to ask for help.

“Isla has speech and language delay but one of the first words Isla spoke was when she shouted “Messy Play!”, so we knew then how vital it was for her to come here.”

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