smiling girl on garden swingJennie is a young woman who lives in her own flat with staff to support her, she has a fantastic and busy lifestyle. Jennie has autism, which for her means that she can struggle with communicating effectively, staying safe and understanding the world around her. Jennie also has sensory processing difficulties that can cause her anxiety levels to increase, especially around certain noises and busy, crowded places.

Although her autism means she needs extra help with some things, Jen lives a very independent life, going to exercise classes and art classes throughout the week, spending time outdoors and keeping on top of the chores at home.  One of Jennie’s favourite things to do is create original artwork for Jennie’s Art, a community enterprise which sells mugs, postcards and cards showcasing her work. Profits from this go towards buying new resources and also go to Jennie’s favourite charities.

Independent Options supports Jen so that she is able to live as independently as possible, and her team makes sure that she has plenty of routine and structure throughout her week. This helps Jen to know what to expect and is instrumental in helping her to relax.  Spending time in her sensory room or on her iPad also have a calming effect on Jen.

Jen’s support worker at Independent Options, Faye, added: “Jen has a larger than life personality, and easily dispels the myth that people with autism are antisocial. Jen loves to go to discos with her friends and will invite them round for a bake off challenge or a Halloween party. When she notices people are poorly she’s very gentle and will give you butterfly kisses and gentle hugs to make you feel better.”