Community Support Team

Our Community Support Team provides individually tailored and person-centred support for children and adults. The service is comprised of three core areas; children and young people, community support for adults, and home management.

We are able to provide continuity as young people become adults through the service by encouraging individuals to gain confidence and develop their independence in the home and the community. The team will support them in learning the skills they need in order to achieve this.

How does it work?

When an individual is referred to us, we will work with them to create a support plan that is tailored to their unique needs. We will talk with them about when they want to have their support and what they would like to achieve. Our staff work flexibly, and we will match the service user with an outreach worker who can support them with the activities that they want to get involved with.

What We Do

Community Support Team

Budgets and funding

If you or a family member have been assessed by your local authority as having an eligible need, you may be assessed for a personal budget. This is a pot of money that is separate from any benefits you may receive, and is allocated to fund your support. This way, you have more control because you can choose how to spend the money to achieve the things that are important to you.

Children and Young People

We offer one to one, two to one, and small group support for children and young people aged 4-25 years, supporting them to develop their interests and take part in leisure activities in the community. For those over the age of 11, we also offer weekends away in the UK.

Parents and carers can make direct referrals, or children can be referred by local authorities.

Home management

We support people to develop skills to manage their own homes and lives. Support is mainly provided on a one to one basis, but we also work with people who live with their family or a partner. We match people with outreach workers who are experienced in encouraging service users to develop their skills in managing their own home.

Community Support for Adults

We offer individually tailored support as an alternative to day services. We enable people to use their skills and talents, gain confidence, and enjoy life to the full. Support is mainly provided on a one to one basis but we also work with people in small groups as this enables friends to spend time with each other and do things together in the local community.

Isla's Story

Isla is three and a half years old and has been coming to the Children and Family Centre for around two years with her family.

At first Isla had no diagnosis, but it was clear to her parents that something was different from an early age as she had a short attention span and would have regular crises if other children came near her. Her speech was also delayed and she didn’t speak or make any verbal noises until the age of three.

By coming to The Centre, play around other children was normalised for Isla as she began to get used to other children being around and she loves coming to The Centre now. She enjoys the freedom to play in the garden or inside with the toys and crafts. Isla responds well to the staff and volunteers at The Centre and is confident to ask for help.

“Isla has speech and language delay but one of the first words Isla spoke was when she shouted “Messy Play!”, so we knew then how vital it was for her to come here.”

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